5 ways employers can support employees who have a child with Long Covid

1 – Support Long Covid Kids to Shine a Light on Long Covid in Children and Young People

Advise managers and HR to access and read the new support guide – Shining a Light on Long Covid in Children and Young People. This has been produced by the charity Long Covid Kids with contribution from Kirsty Stanley – an Occupational Therapist who is also an associate of Long Covid Work. This provides an overview of how the condition affects well over 100,000 children in the UK.

2 – Support Flexibility

Support parents and guardians to work flexibly: including provision for paid time off to attend medical appointments with their children, flexible start times, work from home, carers leave/parental leave and careers leave/sabbatical options where available or necessary.

3 – Support Regular “Check-ins”

Provide regular opportunities to check in and see how they are doing. Show your employees you care about them as a whole person and check in regularly to see how they are managing and if there is any additional support you can offer.

4 – Support Access to Health and Well-being Services

If you have employee health insurance policies or well-being assistance programmes support your employee to access them, both for support for their child but also with their own mental health. Being a carer takes an emotional toll and taking care of an employee’s mental health supports their well-being and productivity at work.

5 – Support Local Schools

If you are a large employer, do consider sponsoring a local school to purchase air filters. Globally these have been demonstrated as one of the ways to reduce the likelihood of children contracting COVID-19 and going on to develop Long Covid. Additional research is taking place in the UK now. Help give all young people in your area the chance at a brighter future.

About Long Covid Work

If any of your employees are also experiencing Long Covid Long Covid Work is a multidisciplinary consultancy consisting of vocational professionals with Lived Experience of Long Covid. We can work with you to develop bespoke solutions that help you retain talent, maintain productivity and honour your duty of care to all employees.

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