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“Long Covid Work” – Vocational Rehabilitation, Education and Training Group

Long Covid Work is the newly formed core vocational rehabilitation, education and training group. We are all people with Long Covid who also have professional experience from organisational HR and change management to trade union support, occupational health and occupational therapy. Now emerging as experts by both experience and professional expertise, Long Covid Work aims to provide commercial services to businesses and employers which will support individuals with Long Covid to stay in, return to or leave work well.

Lesley Macniven – Organisational Development Consultant

Dr Clare Rayner – Occupational Physician

Dr Jenny Ceolta-Smith – Occupational Therapist and Researcher

Kirsty Stanley – Occupational Therapist

Polina Sparks – Business Editor, Analyst and Trade Union Representation

This website launched on 7th December 2021 to coincide with the Long Covid Support Employment Group (Long Covid Work) being presented a Special Recognition Award by the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) in recognition of the advocacy work we have done to support workers affected by Long Covid.

Wider Employment Group Members

Our wider employment group has seen members from Midwifery and Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Occupational Psychology and Publishing. Many of these members have been on their own return to work journeys alongside their campaigning and advocacy work. In fact they found their involvement in the group useful as part of their own rehabilitation, and in proving their capacity for work (in the broader definition that we promote – which includes: caring, volunteering, study, public involvement and advocacy).

The names of some of our current members are highlighted below:

Cathy Thomson – Physiotherapist and Long Covid Physio Co-Founder

Joanna Clynes – Patient Advocate and Researcher

We also had Rox Talbot, an Occupational Therapy Student (on placement with Kirsty Stanley) join us for 3 months and who contributed to much of our work.

Our Trusted Partners

Long Covid Support

Long Covid Support is the largest UK-based Long Covid support organisation and has affiliations with over 45,000 members in 100 countries.

Long Covid Support is a UK-based, not-for-profit organisation committed to championing recognition and rehabilitation for people suffering with Long Covid and to facilitate research into the condition.

Formed by a group of people with ongoing symptoms following SARS-CoV-2 infection, Long Covid Support has been working to build awareness of the challenges and needs of people living with long-term after effects from the infection, to advocate for those impacted.

Vocational Rehabilitation Association

Trades Union Congress

Society of Occupational Medicine (SoM)

Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD)

Long Covid Physio

Long Covid Occupational Therapy

Long Covid Kids

Chronic Illness Inclusion

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists

GM Law Centre

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