Lesley Macniven

Lesley Macniven, MA, FCIPD, Writer, Coach and OD Consultant, Long Covid Support Leadership Team and Employment Group Chair

Lesley Macniven was a freelance consultant, passionate about workplace equality, working with clients to deliver Diversity, Inclusion and Change projects until hit by COVID19 in March 2020.  While recovering, Lesley became a moderator for an emerging patient-led support group, Long Covid Support. As a result of campaigning for rehab, research and recognition for the patient named phenomenon ‘Long Covid’ this campaigning tour de force now has over 45,000 members with Long Covid and an array of organisational partners. 

Lesley led a similar campaign in Scotland, co-founding offshoot Long Covid Scotland in 2020 and in 2021 became Chair of the Long Covid Employment Working Group, and patient advocate on the SOM led multidisciplinary Long Covid task force. Lesley and her colleagues, who all bring impressive professional skill sets to their advocacy roles, collate, disseminate, and promote insights and information to members and external agencies.  Lesley’s own mission is to join the multidisciplinary dots that will lead us to co-design effective solutions to the many impacts Long Covid is having on individuals and organisations. 

In addition to contributing to many SOM Long Covid resources for managers and employers, Lesley has also worked with the NIHR, TUC, Researchers and Scottish Government Health officials. 

Pre-Covid Lesley was also developing a career as a non-fiction writer and now runs Creative Writing workshops and offers health coaching for people with Long Covid to support wellbeing.

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