Media Appearances

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Article TitleURL
Long Covid now major cause of long-term job absence, say quarter of UK employers Financial Times Feb 2022
Long Covid: the invisible public health crisis fuelling labour shortages Financial Times April 2022
Thousands of Long Covid Patients feared to be missing out on Disability Benefits – The Independent April 2022
Is Long Covid to Blame for our army of absent workers? The Times June 2022
Caretaker successfully claims that ‘long COVID is a disability’ in landmark ruling Yahoo News June 2022Link coming soon
Employers urged to offer fast-track Long Covid support Personnel Today June 2022
Long Covid and mental health “most critical” issues for workplace health Scottish Business News June 2022
Long COVID and the workplace: What employers could do better Gavi June 2022
Should Long Covid be recognised as a disability? ITV North West August 2021
Thousands face losing jobs due to Long Covid Independent Oct 2021
How Does Sick Leave Protect Your Rights? Each Other Nov 2021
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