Outputs and Projects

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Society Of Occupational Medicine Employee/Manager Leaflets (Clare Rayner and Lesley Macniven) Mar 2021

Understanding the Impact of Long Covid CIPD Webinar (Lesley Macniven)

Publication for People Management (Lesley Macniven)

Talk to the Hazards Campaign on Mental Health and Long Covid (Polina Sparks)

Supported the Trades Union Congress Survey – You can read the report Workers’ Experiences of Long Covid here. (Lesley Macniven, Jenny Ceolta-Smith, Polina Sparks and Kirsty Stanley)

TUC Congress Fringe Event on Long Covid (Kirsty Stanley)

MQ Mental Health Symposium: What can we learn from COVID-19 about Mental Health (Kirsty Stanley)

Response to the DWP Green Paper (Jenny Ceolta-Smith and Polina Sparks with Kirsty Stanley and Rox Talbot)

Evidence submitted to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Health Benefits Feb 2022 (Led by Jenny Ceolta-Smith with Polina Sparks and team).

Survey On Work Support and Benefits (Polina Sparks and Jenny Ceolta-Smith)

Input into the RCOT Guides for Occupational Therapists working with People/Children with Long Covid (Kirsty Stanley with Rox Talbot and Jenny Ceolta-Smith)

Podcasts with Queen Margaret University on Work and Long Covid (Jenny Ceolta-Smith and Kirsty Stanley)

Long Covid Physio Video on work (Jenny Ceolta-Smith)

Society of Occupational Medicine Webinar (Lesley Macniven and Clare Rayner)

AHP Leader Webinar on Vocational Rehabilitation and Return to Work Planning (Cathy Thomson)

HR and Long Covid Symposium: The Occupational Therapy Role (South Africa) (Kirsty Stanley)

Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Health Assessments (e.g. for PIP, ESA) (Jenny Ceolta-Smith)

In Progress

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