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Who We Are

A multidisciplinary consultancy of associate vocational rehabilitation professionals with lived experience of Long Covid. We are autonomous from, but align with, the advocacy work of Long Covid Support, a charitable organisation providing information, support and advocacy for people with Long Covid.

Mission Statement

To combine lived experience of Long Covid and professional experience of vocational rehabilitation and support with the aim of minimising the impacts of the pandemic, and resulting Long Covid, on the workforce and the health and wellbeing of working age people living with Long Covid.

Strategic Aims


To gather timely grassroots evidence of the problems faced by people with Long Covid in respect to work, employment and social security.


To communicate these challenges to stakeholders and people or organisations of influence. 

To communicate and apply relevant existing knowledge from other long term energy limiting health conditions adapted with specific insight into the complex, overlapping, and novel experiences of those with Long Covid. 

To improve awareness of employment law and access to legal support. 

Create & Co-Produce

To work with people and organisations who share our ethos and who are willing to Co-Produce Solutions.

To apply a change management approach, to take advantage of the disruption to the status quo, to support people with Long Covid to remain in or return to sustainable employment whilst maintaining their health and wellbeing and not compromising their recovery. 

To use the creativity, lived experience and multi disciplinary skills of the group members to problem solve and co-produce solutions with employees, employers and organisations. 

To provide peer support to people negotiating with employers to inform and empower them to advocate for their employment rights. 


To model a flexible approach to work and support each other with the reasonable adjustments that we would want to see in a workplace. 

To provide quality patient led and patient informed education and training to stakeholders that combats discrimination and misunderstanding of the Long Covid condition and that enables employers to meet their expectations under the Equality Act 2010 and employment law. 

To promote the value of occupational health and the contribution of allied health professionals to health and work. 

To push for the adoption of a broader definition of work to include other aspects of productivity including volunteering, caring, study and retraining.

To highlight the value of productive occupations as a means to rehabilitation and to support employers to see the value of this in the recovery of people with Long Covid.

To espouse the value of adequately supporting appropriate transitions, such as: reducing hours, adjusting duties, redeployment or leaving work well, when these are the right decision for the individual. 


To challenge the existing evidence base around return to work with the new insights gained from the experience of those with Long Covid. 

To challenge existing work systems and structures where they no longer remain fit for purpose. 

To evidence the benefits of the approaches we propose to support widespread adoption of positive strategies that support people with Long Covid and other chronic energy limiting conditions to remain in or return to sustained work.

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